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Candidate for KY House District 59

Oldham County

🗹 Vote May 17th!


To fight for Individual Freedom

Hello. I’m Bridgette Ehly, but my friends call me Bridge.

I hope to bring my constituents exactly what my name implies, a “Bridge.” A Bridge that connects Oldham County to the state legislature. Once I’m elected as your State Representative, I’ll report directly to you. That’s a very different reality from what we currently have.

As Oldham County’s Bridge to the Kentucky House of Representatives, Your goals will be My goals as I sponsor legislation. My first priority will be to eliminate the individual income tax and stop any tax increases.

Who in their right mind would propose a tax increase on Kentucky Citizens right now? I will not submit to endless taxing with no results! Kentucky already has one of the highest tax burdens in the nation, so I’ll stand firm against any measures to take more of your hard-earned money.

Andy Beshear and his army of unelected bureaucrats are using Covid to weave a web of control around our schools and small businesses. They write thousands of regulations that control every aspect of our lives and hurt our economy.

I will work to end government overreach in our schools and our community. Parents have the final say in how to keep their children safe, not bureaucrats. Business owners have a Constitutional right to decide if they want to be open or closed. Medical freedom is our God-given right. A vote for me means you support winning this fight!

As Oldham County’s Bridge, I will never reduce the state’s expenses by cutting pay or benefits. I will always vote to fund critical services for vulnerable Kentuckians!

I care about struggling businesses and working families.

That’s why I have volunteered for years sorting clothes at a local charity in LaGrange to help families who are forced to stretch their budgets further and further.

Hearing about the day-to-day struggles of many families has added to my determination to stop Leftist taxation and regulations that hurt our economy.

I was a TV news reporter for fifteen years in Dallas, Boston, and Louisville. After 23 Years of marriage and raising my two great college-age kids, it’s time. I’m stepping up to serve!

I’m blessed to call Oldham County my home. With your support, I hope to become Oldham County’s “Bridge” to The Kentucky House of Representatives, District 59. Thank you!

My Platform

As Oldham County’s “Bridge,” you can rest easy knowing:

Pro Second Amendment

I’m 100% Pro Second Amendment. Our right to keep and bear arms, “shall not be infringed.”

Cut Taxes

I support eliminating the individual income tax in Kentucky. This will attract new workers to the Commonwealth and help Kentucky businesses to be competitive. Likewise, I will oppose any tax increase! Government departments must be cut before we raise taxes on Kentuckians by one more cent!

No Mandates

I will defend our God-given right to medical freedom. No more trampling on our Constitution, and No Vaccine Mandates.


I am 100% Pro-Life and will passionately defend the sanctity of human life. Kentucky must lead the nation in speaking strongly for those who cannot speak for themselves, while showing compassion for young women in crisis.

Term limits

I support Term Limits and believe that career politicians are ruining our government. We need more citizen lawmakers.

Secure Elections

UNLIKE my opponent, I support all efforts to secure our elections. Why would anyone not want to investigate and make sure our election process is fair and accurate? Our future depends on our voices being heard!

Why do we have shutdowns and mandates?

Leadership is the problem.

Our legislative leaders spent their time accommodating the shutdowns instead of stopping the overreach. Why are we still not free from mandates? Apparently, leadership is not interested.


Meet the Swampers


The Frankfort Swamp doesn’t care what parents think! I went to a Kentucky Board of Education hearing and realized I was the only one who knew about it, despite widespread outrage among parents. The notice of the hearing was hidden! I happened to find it while exploring the board’s website. This is how government agencies meet legal requirements while shutting out citizens! I made my speech anyway… to a room full of EMPTY CHAIRS.


To fight for Individual Freedom

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